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Clear out to clear the mind!

It's amazing what a bit of focussed purging of that messy wardrobe can do to relax the soul... or at least mine at any rate. I am now, cup in hand, admiring my handy work and would thoroughly recommend a good clean out to anyone who wants to combat the Sunday night fear, ahead of another daily grind come Monday morning. I am positively chuffed with myself!

The key for me about organising and planning is that it focusses my mind and ultimately relaxes me. The washing gets folded away quicker now that I have nice compartments to put everything away to. The bedroom is clutter and clothes free for a little while at least! (Apartment living at it's best) All by-products of a little investment in organisation! The biggest goal in any type of organisational project is for everything to have its place. Once achieved, I find that daily tasks become easier. The Monday morning search for the right belt, tie and socks will hopefully be a walk in the park, now that I have invested my Sunday afternoon to banishing the clutter and making way for storage heaven. Will let you know how I get on tomorrow... :)

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